Monday Announcements


 Monday May 21

Lunch: Cook’s choice

Happy Birthday: Avery Van Kley


  • All Library books should be returned to the library by the end of the day.  All books need to be returned and fines paid in order for students to take final exams.  

  • The following people currently have fines: Amber Vis, Carter Kooi, Cody Sybesma, Colton Blom, Julia Back, Nestor DeLachica, Travis Mulder, Trayle Kats, Emma Gulker, Jake Van Voorst, Levi Kats, Elliot Carney, Hannah Johnson, and Lindsey Van Otterloo

  • The laminated pictures from the library wall are available to be picked up.  Any picture not picked up by Wednesday will be thrown away.

  • If you have borrowed a school laptop, please return in to the tech room this week.


  • Calling all thespians, actors, and performers!  I know it is far in the future, but we wanted to let you know that we will be planning on doing a Speech/Theater kick-off on the first day of school in August.  Join us for lunch (it is a noon out) and for a preview of the opportunities for acting and speaking next school year! Just bring your favorite beverage and we will provide the pizza.  If you know of any upcoming 8th graders, help us get the word out to them and keep the programs strong.

  • Strums will meet tomorrow before school at 8:00 am in the art room. Also check Classroom for additional meeting dates.

  • Chamber Singer’s auditions are today and tomorrow.  



  • Check out the ways that you can be involved this summer! We still need people to help with the tractor ride, and the Hull Coop Dinner!

  • If Miss Miller hasn’t gotten to visit your SAE project yet, please sign up for a time that would work for you!


  • Baseball and Softball at West Lyon.  Freshmen girls at 4:15, JV Girls at 5:30, Varsity girls to follow.  Varsity boys only at 7:30. Girls bus leaves at 3:00, dismiss softball players at 2:45.  Boys bus leaves at 6:00

  • Boys district soccer at MOC vs Carroll Kuemper - 5:00 start.  Bus will leave at 3:45

  • Anyone interested in running Cross Country next season there will be a meeting in the cafeteria during morning break.

  • Track and Field participants please turn in your uniforms this week.

(Chapel days) Normally Tues and Thurs.

Period 1 8:35 - 9:17

Chapel 9:20 - 9:48

Period 2 9:51 - 10:31

Period 3 10:34 - 11:14

Per 4: 11:56-12:35

Per. 4 11:17-11:56

Period 5 12:38 - 1:16

Period 6 1:19 - 1:57

Break 1:57 - 2:06

Period 7 2:09 - 2:47

Period 8 2:50 - 3:28

(NON- Chapel days)

Period 1 8:35 - 9:17

Period 2 9:20 -10:00

Break 10:00-10:12

Period 3 10:15-10:55

Per 4: 11:36-12:16

Per. 4 10:58-11:38

Period 512:19-1:01

Period 6 1:04-1:46

Break  1:46-1:58

Period 7  2:01-2:43

Period 8  2:46 - 3:28


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