Competitive Speech

You are the timer and the doorkeeper for the performer before you.
Room One:  Mrs Nice’s Room
1.     Elizabeth Carney (SMT)   
2.      Sage Hoekstra (acting) 
3.      Breanna TenPas (acting) 
4.      DJ (SMT)  
5.      Emma K (SMT)
6.      Maggie K (prose)  
Room Two: The big Bible room/lab on third floor 
1.      Larissa DeKam (prose)
2.      Angelique Kiyumbo (prose)
3.      Payton Oostenink (prose)
4.      Cassidy Van’t Hul (poetry)
5.      Rebecca DenHartog (poetry)
6.      Nestor DL (poetry)
Room Three:  Ms. Mastbergen’s Room 
1.     Michael VanDenTop (improv)
2.     Nick Kooima (storytelling)
3.     Cory Ney (Improv)
4.     Kyler Statema (Prose)
5.     Emily Zuidema (Spontaneous)
Room Four:  Mrs. Christians’ Room--
 DRAW--Ben Geels (get your broadcast envelope at 3:55--your performance time will be around 4:25)  
DRAW--Cole Christians (same as Ben--packet + 30 minutes) 
 Karissa Walhof (Original Oratory)
Sydney Stiemsma (After Dinner)
Sylvia Koelewyn (After Dinner)
Linzie Bosma (After Dinner)
PERFORM-Ben Geels -- Radio Broadcast
PERFORM-Cole Christians-- Radio
Competitive Speech--2018 DISTRICT SCHEDULE--
Washington High School
600 W Bluff Street
Cherokee, IA
Phone: 712-225-6755

--We will not take a Western bus because we have kids coming in from every direction; if you do need a ride, you may gladly ride with Mrs. C. Her vehicle will leave Hull at 7:00 AM. YOU MUST NOTIFY MRS. C. AHEAD OF TIME IF YOU NEED A RIDE TO DISTRICTS! Mrs. C. stays all day, until the last judging sheet is in. You should arrange for your own transportation home, even if you rode to Cherokee with Mrs. C.
--Some school require their kids to take the bus so they can listen to and cheer on the other students from their school. While I don't require you to hang around, I do encourage to cheer on and listen to one another. Listening to other schools' performers is also a great way to learn and grow . . . and to get great material ideas for next year!
--When you are finished with your performance, the judge will likely take a few minutes to visit with you about what you did well, what could be improved. Be courteous. Listen carefully, this is GOOD advice! You will not get your evaluation sheet at that time. All sheets are turned into the office and Mrs. C. gets all of them at the end of the day. You can see your sheet on Monday, Feb 26. If you get a "I," you are automatically registered for STATE SPEECH, which is Saturday, March 10, at Carroll High School, Carroll, Iowa.
--Your score will be posted during scheduled breaks, probably in a gym or cafeteria area. Depending on when you speak during any given session, you could know you score relatively quickly, or it may take over an hour to find out.
Be at your Center, ready to go 30 minutes before your performance time.
Ready to go means . . .
--OFFICIAL JUDGE'S Sheet ready to hand to doorkeeper. (Look over this form
BEFORE you perform, so you know EXACTLY what the judge will be looking for and
commenting on.)
--Copy of Speech or MUSIC (some categories will require you to show it to the judge,
so have it--Solo Music people - you are DQ'd without copy of music that shows our
copyright permission to perform it.) Anything other than note cards that are held while
you are speaking should be on BLACK construction paper.
--Copy of Notecard, if needed. Again, some categories require you to show your notecard after you deliver your speech. If you are in a 50-word or less notecard category, know that and count your words before you deliver your speech.
--Any supplies you may need. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO COSTUME, so that's not what I mean; I mean blank note cards, paper, pencil, etc--this is for Radio News and Spontaneous primarily.
--Dressed appropriately--no WCHS clothing by you or your "fan club." Girls, tie any loose hair that could fall into your face or eyes during a performance back. This is especially important if you deliver a physical performance such as Acting, Improv, Solo Musical Theatre, etc. Dangling jewelry is not a good idea either. I would recommend that you do not wear jeans. If all you have for dressier pants is jeans, then wear them--pick your best ones! Some schools wear black pants, white shirt; I am not ready to go there yet, but you should look sharp without letting your clothing command more attention than your performance. Again, if you are in a physical performance category, wear something that allows movement without looking overly casual--I suggest you practice in your performance "outfit" before the performance day.
--CONFIDENCE! We are here to learn and grow! Looking and being confident is a HUGE part of delivering a memorable speech/performance! Take a deep breath, practice your intro if you are in a category that uses one, and OWN IT when you get in the room--right from the start--don't look timid, look the judge in the eye, and take it!
--Because we have two teams from WC (freshmen, and soph-seniors), we have 2 school ID numbers: FRESHMEN = 34; SOPH - SENIORS = 19.
CENTER 1--Solo Musical Theatre, Storytelling
TIME Student Performer # School #
10:28           Elizabeth Carney          SMT 17     19
1:56             Emma Koele                 SMT 36     19
2:20             DJ Nibbelink                 SMT 39     19
4:10             Nick Kooima                ST  54         19

CENTER 3--Poetry, Radio News
TIME Student Performer                                                  # School           #
12:06 (draw 11:36)             Cole Christians            RN 24            19
1:48 (draw 1:18)                  Ben Geels                     RN 31            19
3:02                                         Cassidy Van't Hul       PO 53            19

CENTER 4--After Dinner, Original Oratory
TIME Student Performer # School #
2:10              Karissa Walhof                         OO 30              19
2:45              Linzie Bosma                            AD 28              19
3:10             Sydney Stiemsma                     AD 31              19
3:35             Sylvia Koelewyn                      AD 34               34

CENTER 5--Spontaneous Speaking
TIME Student Performer # School #
10:25             Emily Zuidema                       SS14              34

CENTER 7--Poetry, Prose
TIME Student Performer # School #
10:20           Nestor DeLachia                      PO 16                19
11:40           Rebecca DenHartog               PO 24                19
2:20             Angelique Kiyumbo                PR  11               34

CENTER 8--Prose
TIME Student Performer # School #
11:00          Maggie Kats                                PR 40                34

CENTER 12--Improv
TIME Student Performer # School #
8:40            Michael VanDenTop      IMP 5                 19
3:00            Cory Ney                            IMP34               34
CENTER 13--Prose, Acting
TIME Student Performer # School #
9:25            Larissa DeKam               PR 64               19
10:14 Kyler Statema                          PR70                 19
11:40 Payton Oostenink                    PR78                 19
1:35 Breanna TenPas                        ACT45              34
2:05 Sage Hoekstra                          ACT48               34

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