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Today is the last day of classes for the senior class of 2017!  We want to wish them all the very best as they start a new chapter in each of their lives.  May God grant them everything they need and my prayer is that each of them will ask God to walk beside them through whatever it is the future holds for each of them. 
Please make sure that every senior is here for graduation rehearsal at 11 am on  Tuesday morning. Practice will not begin until every senior is in attendance.  They will also have a breakfast at 10 amhere at school.  I know there will be the last picture exchange happening at that time so please help them remember to take them with them. 
Following graduation each senior MUST return their gown and the NHS sash if they received one to wear.  The cap and tassel as well as the gold honor chord are their to keep.  The rep from Josten's will be here to pick up the gowns the next day.  Failure to get them in on time may result in you paying the shipping fee to return them. 
Graduation will be Tuesday evening at 7 pm in the gym
The rest of the student body will have school for the next two weeks yet.  Please make sure your students are getting their work done, all fees paid, tuition and hot lunch paid etc.  We will have a full week of school next week and one day of classes on Tuesday after Memorial Day.  Starting on Wednesday, May 31 will be exams.  Lunch will not be served on exam days.  The busses will run all three days but on Wednesday and Thursday even though we finish exams at 2:30 the busses will not run until 3:30.  Please plan accordingly if your student does not want to wait until 3:30.  On Friday, June 2 we will have a noon dismissal and the busses will run at noon
We will run exams for periods 1,2, and 3 on Wednesday; 4, 5 and 6 on Thursday; and 7 & 8 on Friday.  Students do not need to be here if they are not taking an exam however, once they are here they must stay until they are finished and can go home.  This means if they have a test 1st period, NOT 2nd, but then again 3rd they must stay in school.    They cannot be leaving to go run around someplace else.  If you have any questions on that rule, please let me know.   They may come late if they don't have a test at the beginning of the day and can leave as soon as they are finished for the day, they just can't be coming and going! 
We want to congratulate all the kids who are participating in the state track meet.  I am watching it as I am working this afternoon.  It looks like it's a rainy wet day there as well.   We will have a number of events taking place this afternoon and the finals will be tomorrow. 
Congratulations to Carter Broek on qualifying for the State  Golf meet which will take place next week. 
See the attached calendar for the remainder of the schedule for our soccer teams as they wind up the year and look toward regional and district play. 
Please read through the following announcement for an opportunity for our students! 

Western Christian/Greijdanus Exchange Program

Western Christian is in the process of initiating a short-term exchange opportunity for students. Western is partnering with the Greijdanus school that is based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The Greijdanus school is a K-12 Christian school in the Reformed tradition with an enrollment of approximately 3680 students. Most of the students are based in Zwolle, which is the capital city of the Overijssel province. But Greijdanus also has satellite schools in smaller towns surrounding Zwolle. Here is their website: http://www.greijdanus.nl/zwolle

Last year a representative from Greijdanus visited with me about beginning a short-term exchange program with Western Christian. Greijdanus already has partnered with other Christian high schools like Western Christian in the Reformed tradition from Canada, South Africa and even India. Now they are wanting to expand the program into similar schools in the United States. Next fall Greijdanus will send approximately 6-10 students to Western Christian that are anxious to experience the culture and lifestyle of the people of northwest Iowa. They will be in our area for around three weeks in the fall. We are hoping to find host families that would be willing to house these students and integrate them into their family life for a short time. In the spring, we plan to send over a number of Western students who may be interested in experiencing the culture of the Netherlands. Included in the opportunity for our students would be day trips within the Netherlands and even other nearby countries.

We think this experience will help to broaden the experience of Western students in the fall who have an opportunity to interact with their peers from the Greijdanus school, as well as broadening the horizon of those Western students who may wish to go abroad to the Netherlands for a short time in the spring. At this time we will begin looking for families that may be willing to open their homes to these Dutch students for three weeks in the fall. They all speak English well and they are anxious to see what life is like in a rural setting like northwest Iowa. If you would be interested in hosting a student, please contact Dan Barkel at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you for your consideration!



Boys District Soccer  vs West Sioux - 5p - H

Softball vs West Lyon - 5:30p



Chapel - Student Body President Campaign Speech

Graduation - 7p



Boys District Soccer @ Humboldt

Girls Soccer vs Sioux City East - JV/V - 4:30p



Chapel - Jason Abrams from JFA

Girls Regional Soccer



Boys State Golf



Boys District Soccer

Boys State Golf

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