Youth Wolfpack

Youth Wolfpack Programs

Western is excited to offer Youth Wolfpack opportunities for our future Wolfpack members! These Youth Programs encourage participation, knowledge of the game, fun competitive opportunities, and, above all, development of God-given talents and gifts to glorify Him!

 Youth Wolfpack Football
Youth Wolfpack Football is an established program for 7-8 graders from the area schools. Registration for the program happens in May, after letters have been sent out to area Christian schools. Registration includes a parent meeting, signing of consent forms, and fitting for equipment. About 50 students participated in the program in the past season. All coaches are volunteers, with practices starting in early August, games starting in early September, and final games of the season by the 3rd week in October. Both the 7th and 8th grade teams had six games in their schedule this past season. Western's Youth Football program is excited to be a part of the growing tradition of excellent football for Western Christian!

 Youth Wolfpack Basketball—Boys
At this time, there is no formal Youth Wolfpack Boys Basketball program, as many of Western's supporting communities often have their own local basketball programs. Sometimes, however, students from one community have joined with students from other communities to form a Wolfpack team, typically coached by a parent of one of those players. The goals of these youth programs continue to be teaching basic fundamentals, developing team work, and maintaining Christian character. If you know of a 5-8 grade boy searching for an opportunity to participate on a team and unable to find one at a local level, please contact Western's boys varsity basketball coach, Jim Eekhoff, for information on available team opportunities.

Youth Wolfpack Basketball—Girls
This opportunity is for all girls going into grade 5-8. This year approximately 56 girls are involved in this exciting program. Many coaches are parents of the girls involved and have expressed interest in coaching and mentoring the girls in a positive way. The season for Youth Wolfpack Basketball runs from mid-October through mid-January, and includes a weekly practice and participation in 5-6 tournaments. The goals for the program include working on the fundamentals of the game, while maintaining a positive attitude at all times, hopefully fostering a love and passion for playing basketball. The coaches are also encouraged to give each participant a specific goal or skill to work on throughout the season.

Youth Wolfpack Softball
This program is open to all girls going into grades 5-8. Informative flyers are sent to area Christian schools and the same information is posted on Western's website. The season typically runs from May to early July, usually finished by the Fourth of July each summer. The younger Wolfpack softball teams scrimmage and play a couple games, the older teams enter 4-5 summer tournaments in area communities. The goal of the Youth Wolfpack Softball program is to build a foundation for fundamentals and a love for playing the sport. Parents and volunteer coaches emphasize using one's talents to glorify God and keeping God #1 in all areas of competition and life!


Youth Wolfpack Wrestling
The Youth Wolfpack Wrestling program is open to wrestlers ages PreK-8th grade.  The season typically starts in late November with a night of learning basic wrestling moves, fun, exercise, and meeting other wrestling enthusiasts.   Wrestlers will then be encouraged to enter area tournaments with the Youth Wolfpack Team!  These tournaments have proven to be a time of fun and valuable experience for the individuals and the team as a whole.  Western also hosts a Youth Wrestling Tournament in early December, giving the young wrestlers a great opportunity to work with our high school wrestlers and coaches as well.  The Youth Wolfpack Wrestling season runs through February.  Information about Western's Youth Wrestling program is distributed in the fall at area Christian schools or information and details can be obtained by calling the school at 439-1013.

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