Dan Barkel

Dan Barkel

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I was born and raised in Zeeland, Michigan where all of my three brothers and dad still live today.  I ventured out to northwest Iowa for college due to a high school teacher who influenced me greatly.  We are still close friends today.  I received my B.A. from Northwestern College in Music Education.  My M.A. and Ed.S. degrees are both from the University of South Dakota.

After teaching in two public schools for six years, something seemed to be missing in education and I was gratified when I was offered a teaching position at Western Christian.  I thank God that I can teach in a setting where we can openly share the Christian faith. Since teaching choir at Western, I have ventured into counseling, and now administration.  Teaching high school students is fun because they are mostly rational, yet very impressionable.  That's why the influence of Christ is so important in the high school setting.  We need to root our children in the Christian faith while they are still young.  The Bible verses that probably guide me most are Proverbs 3:5-6.

I am fortunate to have a loving (and understanding) wife, Ann,  and three kids.  God has blessed me greatly.  I desire to show my gratitude by sharing his love with others.

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