PSEO Courses


Western students have the opportunity to participate in Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment courses available at Dordt College in Sioux Center and Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. Seniors also have the opportunity to take Dual Enrollment courses through Dordt College, but taught at Western.

Courses can be taken concurrently with high school courses by juniors and seniors at Western.  These courses are offered in addition to high school courses and cannot supplant high school courses or graduation requirements.  Students receive both high school and college credit for the courses they take. 

Funding for PSEO courses is provided through the local public school district (Boyden-Hull).  Students wishing to be enrolled in PSEO courses are usually required to attend a meeting with a representative from that college in February and then complete the necessary applications.  When accepted for the course(s), a student works closely with Western's counselor to create a schedule that accommodates the course(s) in addition to that student's Western classes. During an average school year, Western has 20-40 students taking various PSEO courses.

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