Physical Education


P.E. 9
This is an introductory course geared toward allowing students to develop their motor skills through a wide variety of activities. They will also learn teamwork with various new games as well as basic physical fitness activities such as jogging and aerobics. Some activities will include: Pickleball, badminton, bowling, softball, and volleyball.

P.E. 10
P.E. 10 is a continuation of Freshmen P.E. with a progression to lifetime sports skills and physical fitness. Lifetime sports skills units include volleyball, softball, basketball and bowling. Fitness units include aerobics, pickleball, badminton, jogging, and a weight-training unit.

P.E. 11
P.E. 11 is a continuation of P.E. 10 with an emphasis on lifetime sports fitness skills. Tennis, Badminton, Jogging and Weight Training/Aerobics are some of the units related to lifetime sports skills. This is an elective course for juniors.

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