Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology


This is the first Industrial Technology class taken. In this class the student will study the basics of drafting, and start learning how to use CAD (computer aided drafting). The material covered will include sketching, working plans, dimensioning, sectional views, auxiliary views, pictorial drawings, furniture design and 3D modeling. Open to grades 9-12.

This course is designed for the student who wants a basic knowledge of architecture. Students will spend much of the class time planning and drawing their own house. Along with this, the student will gain information on construction terms and learn about different styles of homes. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) will be used extensively. Prerequisite - Drafting I.

In this course, we take a broad look at the Woods Industry. Safety, the care and use of hand tools, different kinds of wood and their properties, joints and woodworking methods are taught. As the course progresses, the student will be taught the use of power tools and machines. Various small projects are made in this class. A class fee is required along with the costs of the projects. Prerequisite - Drafting I.

This course is a continuation of Woods I. The student will be taught the use of more advanced woodworking equipment, design and various woodworking construction methods. One group project will be required for the first part of the nine weeks and the student can choose their own project for the second nine weeks. A class fee is involved along with the cost of wood used for the projects. Prerequisites - Drafting I and Woods I.

This course serves as an overview of computer systems, including the internet, digital information, computer language, data and privacy, building apps. and project based learning. The class is designed for juniors and seniors and involves a combination of activities and computer work.

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