The English 9 course covers grammar and writing and applies learned skills to a variety of written forms such as book reports, reviews, journals, and essays. The course also covers thematic literature which includes some literary classics--Romeo and Juliet, The Tale of Two Cities, and selections from Edgar Allen Poe. This is a full year course and is required for freshmen.

This course covers writing, grammar, and literature. Students practice all kinds of writing--expository, creative personal expression, journaling, and research reports. Basic knowledge of the grammatical structure of the English language, as well as correct usage, are stressed. Students learn to read with discernment and appreciation by reading literature from various cultures and periods of literary history as well as some with contemporary themes. It is a full-year course required of sophomores.

This course is a survey of American and Contemporary Literature forms. Emphasis is placed on how particular events shaped history and culture during these times and how this influenced the literature. Students will also write in this course, both expository and creative writing. An effort will be made to make the material enjoyable and pertinent to the issues that teenagers face today. This is a full year required course for all juniors.

This course offers students intensive and extensive practice of writing skills for creative personal expression, as opposed to expository, factual writing. The course focuses on many areas of creative writing. The writing process is emphasized, as is sharing writing with other classmates and celebrating God-given writing talents. The student newspaper, The Arrow, may be produced by this class. This is a one semester elective course offered to juniors and seniors.

This course teaches the kinds of writing, thinking, and study skills that students will need to succeed in further education and in their careers. It includes a review of grammar concepts, writing short expository essays, and analysis of writing technique, purpose, and style. A "full-length" research paper is also written. This is an honors course and is designed to challenge students. This is one-semester course is required of all seniors except those eligible for Technical Writing.

CORE 120
Core 120 in an introductory writing class designed to acclimate students to the style and expectations of college writing. This requires u focus on several different areas: the basics of grammar and usage, the writing process, the structure and style of the academic essay, the "academic conversation" through writing and discussion, the use of outside sources in your research, and the development of critical thinking skills. This is a dual enrollment class, meaning students will get credit for the class from both Western and Dordt. It will fulfill Western's English graduation requirement and Dordt's English competency requirement in their Core Program.

This course is designed to help high school students develop practical writing skills. Basic language skills are applied to the construction of grammatically correct sentences, paragraphs, compositions, job applications and resumes. The course is divided into two parts: grammar and writing; job place readiness. Eligibility for this course is determined by the counselor and teacher who will consider the student's previous English program in the Freshmen & Sophomore grades and ITBS scores.

This is basically a course in personal communication. Formal speech construction and delivery are the main emphasis. The podium is the laboratory of this course, with many different types of speeches assigned and delivered. Interpretive readings, radio speaking and demonstrations are also studied with future vocational expertise in mind. This is a required course for juniors or seniors.

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