A practical one-year course designed for all students. This course will apply to your everyday activities, or a small business. Honesty and completing a project are stressed. We will learn practical things like balancing our checkbook, keeping accurate records for various types of businesses, analyzing what those business records tend to suggest to our management. We will do some of the work on computers. Accounting is an excellent course to help a student decide if a business career is what God has in their future. We develop our own character and business morals. This course helps develop organizational skills and work habits. It is offered to Juniors and Seniors.

This is a full year course. The first semester concentrates on our nation's economy, what causes it to change, the history of money, and what our responsibility is as a consumer. The second semester deals with practical things like: What kind of insurance should I buy? What services are offered by banks? How do I really invest my extra money? How can I support my family? How do I understand all the different insurance options? We also work with budgets, Christian stewardship, and our responsibility to society. This course concludes with a project summarizing record keeping skills. It is available to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

This one semester class is required for freshmen. This class will be a combination of typing, studying, and mastering Microsoft Word and GOOGLE docs. Students will learn formatting terms, research paper techniques and guidelines, writing letters and resumes, and also will be doing some advertisements and brochures using both Microsoft Word and GOOGLE docs. The class will conclude with a final term/research paper project preparing students for the rest of their four years at Western Christian High School and the different writing projects they will have to do.

This is an elective course open to all students who have completed Computer Applications. The full semester will be devoted to learning the Microsoft Office package. Students will learn Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher. Students will also work on group projects incorporating all four programs into their project. This course will also incorporate GOOGLE docs into its curriculum. Students will be able to use GOOGLE documents to collaborate with projects and learn the benefits of open source programs and what they can be used for. This course is open to second semester Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

This one semester class is an elective course offered for Juniors and Seniors who are interested in majoring in business after high school. This course will start out with studying basic economic topics such as scarcity, GDP, unemployment and other micro and macroeconomic concepts while looking through a Christian scope in how these different economic principles affect society and how we are Christians should view different economic issues. The last part of this class will deal with leadership and how Christian leadership is important to our society and our involvement in being a Christian servant in society is what we are called to do no matter what our profession.

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