The Bible is one story. That story begins in the Old Testament by telling who, what and why God created. The nation of Israel was begun by God for the purpose of telling all people about Himself. From that nation also came the Savior. By studying the development of that nation we see how God in His faithfulness, directed them, forgave them, and used them for the purpose of revealing His plan of redemption for His creation. This is a one semester requirement for freshmen.

The New Testament tells us that the promise of the Old Testament has been fulfilled. The Savior has come. The Kingdom of God is here for us to realize in its fulfillment. We study how Jesus has fulfilled the requirements of the Old Testament and we then are the recipients of that new life. We have the promise of Jesus that He will come again and make all things new. This is a semester requirement for sophomores.

Bible 11 is a study of the Church in history, dealing with the Church's New Testament establishment. From the first century to the present day, her growth, struggles and advancement is traced. There is a comparative study of other religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, New Age influences, and other contemporary sects and cults. This semester course is a required course for juniors.

Bible 12 is a course in practical Christianity, as to how we should work out our Reformed perspectives in our lives. Units are studied in Christian ethics and lifestyle, our Christian perspective of work and vocation, authority in life, family and sexuality, and other issues relevant to seniors leaving high school. This semester course is a required course for seniors.

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