Art I—Introduction to Art

This one-semester course is an introductory course utilizing the elements of art and the principles of design in a variety of projects under studio conditions.  All art experiences are based on the art elements of line, shape, space, color, value, form and texture.  Students become acquainted with a number of different media and are encouraged to experiment, invent, and transfer learning from one medium to another.  The specific program contents include drawing (perspective, portrait, still-life, etc.), color study and painting, and study of the master artists.  Open to grades 9-12.

Art II—Painting and Drawing

This is a one-semester course.  If offers a wide variety of drawing and painting experiences with emphasis on "design-oriented projects."  Projects will provide the student with hands-on involvement with illustration, print making, watercolor, cartooning, airbrushing, mixed media, and a variety of advanced drawing techniques.  Research and study of art movements throughout history will provide students with a better understanding of the development of art.  Open to grades 9-12.  Art I is a prerequisite.

Art III—3-D Media (Sculpture and Ceramics)

This course centers on 3-D media.  The student will explore the sculpture building techniques in a variety of media—paper, plaster, wire, etc.  During the second quarter of the class, students will study the history of ceramics, model clay and explore the techniques of forming and finishing both hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery.  Open to grades 10-12.  Art I is a prerequisite.

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